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We make a difference in the approach we take and with our in depth knowledge of Egypt and the many options it provides. In short we know how to make Egypt work for you. We take our inspiration from our forefathers who conceived, designed and built great pyramids, wonders of the world, with innovative design, great craftsmen and detailed planning.

We focus our passion into three key areas:

  • Great ideas with innovative themes and solutions
    • We are problem solvers too
  • Detailed planning with emphasis on:
    • Responsible and sustainable(CSR) programme management
    • Professionally procured suppliers
    • Meticulous budget management
    • Risk and contingency management
  • Making it happen on the day through:
    • Multilingual skilled professionals on site
    • Collaborative supplier management
    • Contingency management as we take nothing for granted
    • Good onsite communications network so everyone stays in touch




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