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Star of Egypt

We firmly believe that people can make a real difference which is why we spend time and energy developing the skills and competencies of the team. Running through everything we do are five key values that are the very foundation of our philosophy and ethos.

Ibram Mourice


“Collaboration, working as a team, including the client and our suppliers, is so important today. “Lead in” times have shortened so we all need to be focussed on delivering fantastic events and that means working in a collaborative and transparent way.”
Ibram Mourice – Event Planning



“Being clear and managing expectations from the outset are vital. Good proactive communication ensures we cover every element with the clients and suppliers to ensure a seamless onsite operation.”
Joseph Adel – Event Delivery

Joseph Adel
Evette Morgan


“Our knowledge of Egypt is unparalleled and combined with over 12 years hands on experience, we certainly know what Egypt can offer. However the big difference with us is having the know-how to combine both to really work for you.”
Evette Morgan – Event Solutions



“We are passionate about our country and in everything we do. We care about creating sustainable events that leave lasting memories for you and quantifiable legacies for the benefit of all.”
Ahmed Mostafa – Team co ordinator

Ahmed Mostafa
Amira Iskander


“Trust is an open and honest environment for our team, clients and suppliers. Through our robust, efficient processes and clear communications, we ensure our standards of good corporate governance meets today’s high international standards of compliance.”
Amira Iskander – Vice Chairman

This is why so many of our clients continue to work with us because we have the know-how and a team with passion that you can trust to work in collaboration with you, keeping you informed through regular and clear communication.

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